What is it? whiplash

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck, resulting from a sudden stretching and compression, usually sustained in an automobile or sports accident. The injured tissues may include intervertebral joints, discs and ligaments, neck muscles and nerve roots.

Pain and discomfort may be experienced immediately after the accident, but often are delayed by a few days. Other symptoms include neck stiffness, dizziness, burning or prickling sensations and shoulder and back pain.

In more extreme cases some people may experience memory loss, concentration impairment, nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbances, fatigue and depression.


Whiplash has a reputation for taking a long time to heal and this is often due to the reduced blood-flow to the affected area caused by muscle spasms that constrict the blood vessels supplying the oxygen and nutrients vital to the body’s healing mechanism.

Until fairly recently whiplash injury patients have been advised to wear a neck brace, keep still and rest. However, such advice may actually slow your recovery or even prevent a complete recovery altogether.

The majority of patients will make a recovery within three months, but some will continue to have neck pain, headaches and stiffness for the rest of their lives.

What is it ideal for? testimonials

You may have recently suffered a whiplash injury and need to make a full recovery as fast as possible.

Or perhaps you are suffering long-term effects of an old whiplash injury and have been told that you will never be fully better.

Whiplash is painful, debilitating and inconvenient, especially if your occupation or life-style requires you to be fully fit and mobile at all times.

What is the treatment?

whiplashThis is a revolutionary and proven new treatment, which will bring about a total and full recovery in a fraction of the time of the normal recovery period for whiplash, often bringing greater mobility and freedom of movement than you had before the original trauma.

The treatment combines a variety of therapies in order to treat you as a whole person according to your specific circumstances:

  • If your whiplash injury has been sustained very recently the affected area may still be quite sore and inflamed and I find the most effective way to bring relief is with Reiki
  • If your injury has resulted from a traumatic experience such as an automobile accident, you may be suffering from emotional stress or even shock. You can quickly be brought back to equilibrium with techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Once you are comfortable, relaxed and emotionally centred following the above initial stages of treatment, I can begin to treat the physical damage, using a method known as NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) This treatment comprises a complete body realignment followed by specific movements to realign your neck muscles and ligaments. The complete body realignment ensures that you do not have any other misaligned areas in your body that could potentially affect the recovery of your neck area after the treatment. The specific movements to your injured area will not only release the tension locked up in muscle spasms, but will also allow increased blood flow and circulation.

How can it help you?

After just one single 60 minute treatment you will experience a 50% reduction in pain and 50% improvement in mobility.

The realignment immediately brings all muscles out of spasm and the increased blood flow and circulation to the affected area allows rapid healing of the damage to the soft tissues.

After seven to ten days a second treatment will be necessary to ensure that the realignment has been maintained and to monitor the progress of your recovery. Occasionally a third and final treatment will be required another week later.

After a maximum of three treatments you will be 100% free of pain and regain full mobility, regardless of whether the injury is completely fresh or if you’ve been still and in pain for months, or years.

How much does it cost?

How much will it cost you not to have this treatment? How many weeks can you afford to be off work? How will your career be affected by extended sick leave? How much will it cost you to have reduced mobility and pain, potentially for the rest of your life? hayfever

When you think about these things your decision to make your first appointment should be an easy one. If getting back to full fitness is your primary concern, it will be.

Each treatment session, lasting up to one hour, is £95 and you may require up to a maximum of three treatments in total.


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