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Ross Emmett

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emmet 1What is it?

The EMMETT Technique is an amazingly gentle, safe and simple to apply muscle release therapy. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement, restore a positive emotional state and improve the quality of life.

It is a unique form of body therapy that involves application of light finger pressure at specific points. These can be in sequences that enable gentle release for many common conditions. The results can be dramatic even for first time clients. Accurate and fast assessments of imbalances in the body are an integral feature of this technique.

The result is often instantaneous feelings of greater comfort.

The Chameleon Approach to Body Therapies

Emmett Practitioners are highly adaptable to the needs of their clients. The motto of the 'Chameleon' approach, is that an Emmett therapist has the ability to assess and tailor the treatment according to the specific needs and beliefs of each client.


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It is truly a complementary therapy as it combines easily with all other bodywork such as Massage, Reiki, NST, Bowen therapy, Physiotherapy and Craniosacral therapy.

emmet 2 Special language skills are incorporated to reinforce and anchor the positive physical changes greatly enhancing the outcome.

This internationally recognised technique developed by Ross Emmett and taught in over 30 countries worldwide is equally effective on both people and animals.

Click here for videos of Ross demonstrating some releases. 

What is it ideal for?

  • Neck and shoulder restriction
  • Lymphatic congestion and breathing
  • Migraines or cluster headaches
  • Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort
  • Persistent heel and foot pain
  • Headaches, dizziness and sinus congestion
  • Back and hip discomfort
  • Knee and ankle restrictions
  • Discomfort during pregnancy
  • Fluid retention

And much, much more!

Benefits for Animals

The focus is essentially the same. Typical symptoms that may be assisted include:

  • various injuries and lameness
  • emotional problems
  • stiffness
  • decreased suppleness
  • change in performance

What to expect in a treatment?

  • Clients can be treated seated, standing or lying down.
  • It can be a standalone treatment or combined with other techniques.
  • The treatment can be applied directly to the skin or done through clothing.
  • Sessions can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes if the EMMETT Technique is used alone – longer if combined with a relaxing massage or other modality.

How does it work?

The EMMETT Technique is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. It has been suggested that the body reacts in a similar way to the workings of a touch-screen. Small sensors allow access to the brain via the therapists’ touch. As well as the ability to directly influence muscle action, these points may have a memory and emotional attachment.

It is a unique form of body therapy.

It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points, referred to as “Emmett points”.The points are not the same as traditional trigger points or acupressure points or any other points described in any other therapy.

It is suggested that the EMMETT Technique may interact with the body as described in the science of Critical Point Analysis which identifies that...

  • “In any highly complex system there is a specific, critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change”
  • For example a light touch on a small cog can halt the largest engine.
  • The EMMETT Technique Therapist can be compared to a body electrician who has the knowledge to locate these critical points and re-set them with the correct stimulation.
  • The stimulation is registered by the receiver’s nervous system and their brain responds by sending new instructions back to affect the physical state of the localized area.
  • The result is often instantaneous physical change.
  • Special language skills are incorporated to reinforce and anchor the positive physical changes greatly enhancing the outcome.

The EMMETT Therapist is skilled in the art of applying:

  • the right amount of pressure
  • in the right direction
  • for the right amount of time

It is this combination of elements, unique to each individual, which creates the desired physical change.

aromatherapyAlthough often combined with other techniques, the EMMETT Technique is an efficient and effective therapy on its own.

How much does it cost?

aromatherapyEach treatment session, lasting up to one hour, is £95 and you may require up to a maximum of three treatments in total

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