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What is it?

Your hands and feet are gently stimulated in specific areas that correspond to organs, systems and structures throughout the entire body. Your feet and hands are, in effect, "maps" of the whole body.


As pressure is applied directly to the chosen areas on your feet or hands a corresponding numbness/pain relief is produced in the area of the body to be treated.


What is it ideal for?


  • Stress
  • Circulation problems
  • Revitalising the body
  • Reducing pain
  • Balancing the system
  • Renewing life force!


... is a gentle contact therapy, using fingers and thumbs. It is a method of gaining access to the body's energy system through the client's feet and hands.

The ancient art of reflexology has been known for many thousands of years. It was first practised by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, to promote the body's own healing ability.

The reflex points

... on the feet and hands correspond to organs, glands and structures within the body. Reflexology (also known as, reflex zone therapy) identifies ten energy paths, called zones, running down the body. If the flow along these zones runs freely, we remain healthy, if, however, the flow is blocked or hindered, an imbalance will occur which, if not treated will develop as illness or discomfort in the body itself.

A trained reflexologist can disperse crystal build-up on the nerve endings in the feet and hands, detecting blockages in the energy zones and detoxifying the body.

Where blockages or imbalances are found they are cleared to bring the body back into balance and health. reflexology

The holistic approach to reflexology also emphasises that blocks in the vital energy can originate in emotional, mental or spiritual conditions, as well as physical ones. It will encourage the body's own ability to heal, restoring the flow of energy to the whole body and achieving balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

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