Hayfever Relief

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Hayfever Relief

What is Permanent Hayfever Relief?

Hay fever is caused by the body mistaking pollen particles for an ‘invading alien’ and releasing large amounts of histamine in order to fight it. Pollen particles are actually harmless, but it is the body’s enormous over-reaction to their presence that causes the miserable symptoms of hay fever.

It is currently thought that at least 30 per cent of the population suffers from hay fever, and this level is rising all the time. That’s nearly eighteen million people in the UK.

Who is Permanent Hayfever Relief ideal for?hayfever

Have you tried so many tablets and medications for your hay fever that you don’t know who or what to believe any more? Do you just want the misery of the symptoms to stop more than anything else?

Hay fever medications do not solve the problem of hay fever; they simply try to mask the symptoms, sometimes with unpleasant side-effects that can be even worse than putting up with hay fever untreated.

Many working days and school days are lost due the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever. Especially if you are taking summer exams and your medication is making you sleepy and lacking in concentration at the very time of year that you need to concentrate the most.

hayfever relief

What is the Permanent Hay Fever Relief Process?

For the last 12 years I have been developing and perfecting a unique treatment for hay fever, the results of which have far exceeded anything I could have ever expected. This treatment is different from anything else you’ve encountered before.

hayfever cureThe Permanent Hay Fever Relief Process synergises elements of Kinesiology with Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create an incredible, breakthrough approach to re-programme the body’s response to pollen (or indeed any other allergic trigger).

This has proven to be a completely successful treatment.


How Permanent Hayfever Relief works

The treatment simply uses elements of Kinesiology to identify specifically what types of pollen or other natural allergens (including pets) are causing your allergic reaction,and then re-programmes your subconscious mind, using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis, to instruct your immune system to respond differently to that pollen or substance.

The entire treatment can be completed within 2 hours and is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Pain and discomfort free
  • Completed in a single session
  • Permanent

If you are suffering from hay fever at the time of the treatment, you will be required to undergo a very simple detoxification process including drinking lots of water and taking vitamin C for just five days afterwards. hayfever relief

After the treatment, your body will recognise pollen as a harmless substance, and carry on without any symptoms.

hayfever relief

Muscle testing techniques are used to identify your hay fever triggers at the start of the treatment, and are used again at the end of the treatment to show you that the treatment to re-programme your body has worked.

During your initial Allergy Testing it may be established that there is a sensitivity or reaction to chemical allergens or industrial pollutants that are increasingly found in the atmosphere. This chemical toxicity will be treated and eliminated in a different session than the Hay Fever Relief Process, as the unconscious mind responds differently to natural allergens as it does to chemical pollutants.

hayfever cureHow can Permanent Hayfever Relief help you?

The Hay Fever Relief Process can free you from hay fever symptoms for the rest of your life!

  • Free from a runny nose
  • Free from coughs and sneezes
  • Free from itchy and watery eyes

You will be:

  • Free to enjoy the great outdoors during the best weather
  • Free to enjoy the wonderful smells of the summer countryside
  • Free to spend your money on something other than hay fever medication.

hayfever cure

Constant and continuous attention to detail ensures that this process is the most up to date and allergen specific treatment on the market and is inclusive of monthly specific crop sprays and insecticides.

How much does Permanent Hayfever Relief cost?

Currently hay fever sufferers are spending their money unnecessarily every year on hay fever medication. At just £295.00 the cost of one Hay Fever Relief Process, is comparable to that of a single season’s medication for the average hay fever sufferer. This is an investment which will save thousands of pounds, and save a lifetime of suffering. hayfever relief

Despite the fact that this treatment is effective no matter what time of year you have it, from April to September demand sky-rockets resulting in a waiting list of up to several months. To limit your suffering this season, book an appointment early!

Allergy Testing can also be done with food intolerances, using specific Kinesiology techniques. Please contact me for more information.

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