"We can only give away to others what we have inside ourselves."

Wayne Dyer


What is it?

Diagnosis and treatment of imbalance of body energies running through related muscle groups


Each of your muscle groups relate to other parts of body, e.g. your internal organs. How these connections are made are like your body's own electrical circuit board. These channels of energy flow are used in chiropractics, osteopathy, sports medicine and "knee jerk test".


What is it ideal for?


  • De-sensitising allergies
  • Stress
  • Lack of energy
  • Depleted immune system

The word 'Kinesiology'

... comes from the greek word Kinesis which means motion. In conventional medicine it is the name given to the study of muscles and the movement of the body.

Applied Kinesiology

... was the name given by its inventor Dr.George Goodheart (An American chiropractor 1960 ) to the system of applying muscle testing diagnostically and therapeutically to different aspects of health care.


... is an holistic treatment that uses muscle testing as a diagnostic tool (touch for health) and treats the whole person using a combination of gentle, yet powerful techniques. It restores balance in the subtle energy system and sustains health, vitality and effective functioning of the whole body.

Whatever the symptoms, kinesiology balances the body and puts it in the optimum state to heal itself, by removing negative stresses; be they physical, chemical or emotional. Its greatest application is in dealing with everyday complaints for which no permanent cure has been found (i.e. common cold, IBS, PMS )

The body's natural healing responses are stimulated by attention to reflex and acupressure points, by muscle / meridian relationship and by use of specific body movements and nutritional support.

Kinesiology spans the full spectrum

... of health and healing from its physical application in sports injury, chiropractic and osteopathy to the psychological applications of emotional and spiritual well-being.

Kinesiology as a complementary holistic therapy

... draws on and integrates other therapies and healing procedures (Tai chi, Acupressure, Reiki) It encompasses the structural, nutritional and psychologicalkinesiology components of health and provides results where other approaches, including orthodox medicine, have failed.

Touch for Health

What is it?

Using muscle testing as a diagnostic tool. Through testing, touching and massaging the body and the muscles, the therapist uses their functions and their relative strengths and weaknesses, in order to allow the body to achieve better balance.


It is used to identify allergies, skin reactions, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, sensitivities and stress reactions.

KinesiologyWhat is it ideal for?


  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Migraine
  • Vitamin/mineral testing

A Life Without Pain

Every 'body' in optimum health should experience a life without pain. Pain is the body's way of indicating that there is a problem that needs attention. Prior to pain and malfunction there are signs and symptoms that the body manifests which can be recognised. One of these is a weakening of the muscles and a change in posture. At this stage, Touch for Health is able to correct minor imbalances before they develop into serious illnesses.

Health must be maintained, preserved and cultivated. Touch for Health is a start towards concentrating on maintaining a body's health, rather than on illness and how to cure it.

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