"In today's world, physical pain has become the focus of our attention. Not only does pain debilitate us, but it also robs us of our hopes, dreams, energy, confidence and motivation. The good news is that physical pain, be it chronic or episodic, can be eradicated permanently. All a person needs is the knowledge of the true cause of pain and a personally directed plan to treat the cause."

Pete Egoscue


"Being almost seventy and mindful of the extensive ongoing press coverage concerning prostrate cancer, I managed to get my GP to arrange for a PSA blood test. When the result came back it was on the high side. My GP immediately said that he would arrange a hospital appointment for a biopsy. Not wanting to get onto the NHS bandwagon I got him to agree to another blood test in three months. It was then I got in touch with Jacqui for a consultation and she recommended a combination of high potency vitamins. When my last blood test result came back my PSA had dropped considerably and was well within acceptable limits. I would have no hesitation in recommending the "magic lady" before accepting any suggestions from your GP.

Thank you Jacqui. "

Alan Diment - Waltham Abbey


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